BSA Hosts 23 Organizations at National Youth Protection Symposium

(Article adapted from Scouting magazine’s “Bryan on Scouting” blog.) The Boy Scouts of America is continually working to remain a leader among youth-serving organizations in the fight against child abuse. And kids who are abused outside of Scouting have a better chance of recovering and thriving by joining youth-serving organizations like Scouting.

Those messages resounded throughout the two-day National Youth Protection Symposium hosted Oct. 13–15 in Grapevine, Texas.

The BSA was one of 24 youth-serving organizations at the event. These organizations, which serve a combined 20 million youth, gathered to listen to the top minds in abuse prevention and share best practices. The common goal: keep kids safe from those who might do them harm.

As with last year’s symposium, the BSA’s volunteers and professionals did much more listening than talking. BSA speakers were at the podium for less than 45 minutes over the two-day event. The rest of the time, they heard the latest research, much of it confirming what the organization already incorporates into its mandatory Youth Protection training.

They also held meaningful discussions with colleagues in other youth-serving organizations, including American Heritage Girls, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Kiwanis International, Girl Scouts of the USA, and Scouts Canada.

“Let’s put together a group of folks that will look to the future,” said Dr. James S. “Jim” Wilson, chairman of the BSA’s National Youth Protection Committee and the symposium’s volunteer host. “That’s why you’re here. We want this to be a collaborative effort where we are looking to the future to see how we can do things differently. Not just in the Boy Scouts but in every youth-serving organization.”

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  1. Rene Maes jr says:

    Youth Protection symposium – I would like to find out what other groups attended the symposium (possible leads for new scout units and venture crews!).

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