New Look Coming for MyScouting Tools

Some exciting changes are being made to MyScouting Tools! Soon, the site will have a new look and feel. Plus, it will run faster and be more mobile-friendly and dynamic to fit on any mobile device. New graphics and videos also will be part of this new look, which will launch in November. Here’s a sneak peek:

As part of the new look, each tool icon will be shown in a drop-down list to select after logging in rather than a row of large icons on the tool page. Remember, non-Key 3 members will have the My Dashboard tool, while unit and district Key 3 members will have access to more tools.

The news section also will be revamped, providing more space under the “Current News” section to place announcements regarding enhancements made to MyScouting Tools, in addition to posting pertinent, relevant information for our volunteers.

Since August of this year, there have been more than 1 million visits to MyScouting Tools. That’s great news! We are providing the tools to empower volunteers in fostering stronger units.

Look for the following new functionality later this fall and winter:

  • Assign functional roles—includes Key 3 delegate assignment (Plus 3)
  • Advancement—with dashboards and reporting similar to Training Manager
  • Targeted communication—send messages to specific groups of people (i.e., Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, committee chairs, etc.)
  • Feedback mechanism—we want to hear from you about MyScouting Tools

8 Responses to New Look Coming for MyScouting Tools

  1. Brian Mulrooney says:

    The tools are working, please stop delaying delegate roll-out!

  2. hgilson says:

    The biggest problem that I have with the MyScouting tools is there is no Point of Contact. As a member of a district key 3, I have already been able to record completed training for participants. The bad thing is that the program is limited to only inputing training for my district members. Many times, training sessions are held an offered to multiple districts within my Council. If I have a person’s member id that is “out of district” I should still be able to input training completions for them if they came to my district for the training.

  3. Margee Egan says:

    In the last couple of years there has been an explosion of IT resources for councils and volunteers of various levels.
    As a council employee and a volunteer, I can barely keep up with my duties in the office and still have time for my family.
    I am not computer savvy and I don’t spend my life on the computer and don’t poke around trying to figure it out. But I would like to know how to use all these resources. Please develop some training modules, including screen shots.

  4. Glen L Johnson says:

    I like how I can print copies of my membership card if need be. Looking forward to the full roll out.

  5. Daniel Hemphill says:

    I’m really looking forward to these tools. Been waiting a while for these kind of functions to be implemented. Hopefully it will help with the browser incompatibility issues as well.

  6. Doug Montgomery says:

    Now even MORE delay of the Key 3 delegate assignment (Plus 3) functionality? During the JTE Webinar on September 4th, the IDG lead said expect it “later this month” (which was already past several other roll-out/due dates since the initial announcement a year ago). Folks, a Scout is trustworthy and keeps his word.

  7. Steve Bouldin says:

    Will it track unit Journey to Excellence goals?

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