Save Money on Food for Your Council

Councils spend more money on food annually than any other item. Saving money without giving up quality or service can be a challenge. Good news! National Purchasing has made a national agreement with U.S. Foods to help local councils save money through nationwide volume food buying.

Why U.S. Foods?
U.S. Foods is one of the few companies that can service BSA nationwide, including the rural areas where we need it most, with the price, quality, and service that we demand. In fact, many of our councils already use U.S. Foods.

U.S. Foods has made a huge investment in technology so that customers can go online and plan meals, create menus, revise and review orders, check status of order delivery, and review nutritional and special meal considerations with the help of a face-to-face representative. Order history is stored for three years, so you can access this year’s order next year. You can also enter your current inventory to use in planning.

How to Participate
Councils must sign up to participate. Signing up is not a commitment to purchase, but it allows you to see the pricing so you can make comparisons.

Current U.S. Foods customers must also sign up to get the savings. If you currently buy food through a consortium, savings through the new arrangement will be at least equal for most camps and may save you up to 5 percent. Next year, we plan to negotiate additional volume savings from manufacturers, which will save you even more.

This is not an exclusive contract, and you are free to buy local items that are more easily available and less expensive.

How Much Can You Save?
Based on the survey we sent out in December 2012, you may save between 2 and 15 percent. If your council currently has food catered and you decide to bring food service in-house with your own labor and buying the food, the savings can be as much as 30 percent. Each situation is different. If you have an invoice from last year, we can provide a comparison price for you.

For more information, please contact Jim Horner, director of purchasing, at 972-580-2110 (office) or 817-888-2160 (cell).

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