Chief’s Corner: Aim High

The latest post on the Chief’s Corner, the official blog of Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock, shares a story of encouraging youth to raise the bar on their personal goals and expectations.

How do you encourage people you work with to “aim high” as they achieve goals for your organization or community groups? What programs do you have to help participants be the best they can be? Share your thoughts using the blog’s comment feature at the bottom of the article.

One Response to Chief’s Corner: Aim High

  1. John Whitford says:

    When people fall short, few things can motivate them to try again and ‘aim high’ as using success stories from other units and leaders. Program, retention, recruitment, fund raising… all have successful people and units that can serve as examples of the ‘can do’ attitude and spirit. Of course you must have the tools (training, coaching, and support) to help insure that they can ‘aim high’ and hit their target…

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