Have You Been to the Cub Hub?

The Cub Hub is the new online gateway into the world of Cub Scouting. Through vivid pictures, videos, and stories, the Cub Hub illustrates that the Cub Scouting experience goes way beyond the uniform.

Think of it like a giant idea factory! Here, you’ll find amazing and creative ideas to bring more fun to your pack.

  • Ideas to put a little zing in your meetings
  • Sweet contests
  • Super fun projects for parents and Cub Scouts
  • Amazing images and videos sure to get you and your Scout fired up
  • And some just plain cool Cub Scout-related content from all over the Web


  • Links to everywhere Cub Scouts are on the Web! You can connect with your fellow Scout leaders and parents on the Cub Scout social channel of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest.
  • Basic information including guidelines and how-tos to help parents and leaders do their best.

Visit the Cub Hub online at http://cubscouts.org.

Don’t forget to tell family and friends so they can join in the fun, too!

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