Voice of the Scout Fall Results To Be Released Soon

Be on the lookout. By the end of this month, the much sought-after district-level data on the Voice of the Scout dashboard will be available.

The Mission Impact team is working to finalize the expansion of the JTE dashboard, with the goal of pushing the council NPS score and response rate to the JTE dashboard later this month.

This is an ambitious project to take data down to the district level, and the Mission Impact team looks forward to making this valuable data available to you in the near future.

2 Responses to Voice of the Scout Fall Results To Be Released Soon

  1. One month later, and still no VoS. Must be using the French definition of “soon.”

  2. Jeff Eha says:

    Our Pack is interested in conducting a more in-depth Pack specific survey (where all our parents would be included) and I’d like to incorporate some of the Net Promoter questions so we have a comparison point to the national survey. Does anyone know how I could get an electronic copy of the questionnaire that is used for this so that I’m structuring my questions and layout the same.

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