Accident and Sickness Coverage Up for Renewal

All councils that participate in the Council Accident and Sickness program administered by Health Special Risk (HSR) should have received an email from HSR regarding the renewal of the program for 2014.

BSA Risk Management recently completed negotiations with the carriers on a two-year rate structure. Rates for 2014 will not increase, but there will be a 2 percent increase for 2015.

As of September 30, 2013, 272 councils participate in the Council Accident and Sickness program. Six councils make available the Unit Accident Plan, and six councils participate in plans outside the HSR-offered program. In the council plan, you have the option of selecting Plan I, which provides coverage for youth only (BSA and LFL), or Plan II, which provides coverage for youth and adults (BSA and LFL). You can also add the family member benefit to your coverage, which will cover all immediate family members of registered Scouters at council-sponsored family events.

HSR now offers electronic enrollment. Just go to to renew or view what you selected last year.

Refer to Section I of the Risk Management Notebook, which is located on MyBSA/Resources, for the most up-to-date information regarding plans, rates, and claim forms.


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