BSA Appoints Gary Butler Chief Operating Officer

The Boy Scouts of America has appointed Gary Butler to serve as deputy Chief Scout Executive and chief operating officer of the organization effective January 1, 2014. Butler is currently assistant Chief Scout Executive for operations of the Boy Scouts of America.

In his new role, he will provide leadership and direction to all aspects of operations of the National Council, subject to the authority and direction of the Chief Scout Executive and the National Executive Board.

“Gary brings a unique skill set in strategic planning and organizational management to our movement,” said Brock. “In addition to being a lifelong Scouter, he has continually demonstrated his great passion for the Boy Scouts of America, he has shown that he is a dedicated leader, and I know he will continue to successfully guide the operations aspect of Scouting as our chief operating officer.”

As assistant Chief Scout Executive for council operations since 2009, Butler has given leadership to the overall delivery of the Scouting programs through six departments and four regions. All national support and oversight of the more than 280 local Scout councils are coordinated and directed through the office of the assistant Chief Scout Executive for council operations.

In addition, Butler led the development and implementation of Scouting’s Journey to Excellence, a local council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of the BSA at the local level while providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

Butler began his professional Scouting career in 1980 as a district executive in Long Island, New York, and then served as senior district executive and finance director in Long Island; field director in New Jersey; and Scout executive in Kingston, New York, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and Buffalo, New York. In 2005, he joined the National Council staff as the director of the Finance Support Division and was named national director of the Council Solutions Group in 2008.

An avid sailor, Butler grew up in Rhode Island, where he earned his Eagle Scout Award and Vigil Honor. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award and a graduate of Providence College. Gary and his wife have three children, one of whom is an Eagle Scout, and three grandchildren.

3 Responses to BSA Appoints Gary Butler Chief Operating Officer

  1. Judy Hewitt says:

    Congratulations Gary!!! Tell Sharon and your family that I said hello and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year!

    Three Grandchildren how wonderful, I have 4 and am enjoying them very much.

  2. Mike Agranoff says:

    Mabel Tov…

  3. Army Leonetti says:

    Hi Gary,
    Congratulations to you on your new challenges. We here in Buffalo are very proud to be part of your Scouting career. If I can ever help or be of service, please feel free to call on me.
    Be well my friend and as always,
    Good Scouting to you.

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