National Camping School Offers COPE and Climbing Manager Certification

In 2014, National Camp Accreditation Program standards require that camp COPE or climbing programs be supervised by an NCS-trained COPE or climbing director. As an alternative, councils desiring to train their own Level II instructors must have an NCS-trained COPE and climbing program manager in place.

The COPE and Climbing Program Manager course is designed for those who will provide program management for council COPE and/or climbing programs. The training is valuable for any council wishing to improve the quality of their COPE and climbing programs, even if they elect to train their COPE and climbing directors at National Camping School.

The course includes an informational overview and the sharing of best practices for safety; risk management; incident management and reporting; budgeting and finance; outdoor program structure and function; COPE and climbing program operations and management; marketing, staff development and training; and course planning, design, and maintenance.

Participants must be in good physical condition and current in their training as a COPE or climbing Level II instructor or director. In addition, participants must complete the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (parts A, B, C, and D) and be approved by their Scout executive to participate. The cost is $340.

View available dates in the 2014 NCS COPE-Climbing Program Manager Flyer and register online.

After successful completion, the attendee will earn a National Camping School certification as a COPE and climbing manager.


One Response to National Camping School Offers COPE and Climbing Manager Certification

  1. Connie Knie says:

    Is this a newer higher standard than already exists? Will this entail camps scrambling to get folks trained for this year’s summer camp?

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