my.Scouting Tools Gets a Makeover

In an earlier article, we shared a sneak peek of the new look coming to my.Scouting Tools. We’re excited to announce that the look is here!

The new design is faster and more dynamic, and now supports Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Additional enhancements in this release include:

  • A revamped News section provides more space to post pertinent and relevant information about my.Scouting Tools, along with other Scouting news.
  • Each Tool icon is in a drop-down list under the Home button to select rather than in a row of large icons after logging in.
  • My Dashboard is now comprised of My Profile and My Training details. Address, contact information, phone numbers, etc., are in separate editable sections instead of one long section to accommodate and adjust to most mobile screens.
  • New My Organization Dashboard tool located under the unit or district organization level contains My Calendar and My Announcements details.

The Training Manager, Member Manager, and Organization Manager still maintain existing functionality and look that will be updated in the coming weeks.

The following new features are planned in the coming months:

  • Redesign of Organization Manager (assignment of functional roles and security, including Plus 3)
  • Commissioner Tools (replaces UVTS)
  • Advancement Manager
  • Targeted communication

Log into my.Scouting to see the new changes. Send us an email and let us know what you think at

To view support materials, click on a link below:

Accessing my.Scouting Tools          Training Manager

My Dashboard                                 Organization Manager

My Organization Dashboard            Member Manager

3 Responses to my.Scouting Tools Gets a Makeover

  1. Jacob Moorman says:

    Delegation of permission to access data (“Plus 3″) is an essential feature. Please expedite.

  2. hgilson says:

    From what I understand the changes that were being advertised in this article for sometime in March/April have now been pushed back to sometime this summer.

    Think the changes are great, but they need to come faster. I am a District Commissioner over four counties. My biggest challenge is communications. We need the Targeted Communications asap.

    We volunteers need all of these improvements to the system, but please don’t let one thing hold up the others.

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