Finance Impact e-Letter: March 1 Issue Announces New Friends of Scouting Recognition Program

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The March 1 edition of the Finance Impact Department’s e-Letter has been published and is now available online.

In this issue, the national office announces the new Friends of Scouting (FOS) recognition program, which recognizes BSA local councils that showed an increase in FOS net on June 30, 2014, over June 30, 2013, numbers. The program will recognize Scout executives of qualifying councils at the 2014 Top Hands Conference in Anaheim, California, and will recognize professional staffs of qualifying councils who have achieved their FOS goals by publishing their names in a booklet of achievers.

Also in this issue, readers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the revised National Council credit policies; are given information about the 2013 audited financial statements, which are due to the National Council on or before June 1, 2014; are provided with an opportunity to participate in a webinar for the new SellWise user group, which will provide training in sales and cash receipting; are given information about the BSA Asset Management update as of Jan. 31, 2014; and the list of Blackbaud CRM webinar sessions.

To read the entire issue, click the link above or the image at left. Previous issues of the newsletter are available by following the links under the BSA Newsletters header at right.


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