JTE News: District Dashboard Monthly Reporting; Council Leadership Criterion Deadline

The Mission Impact department has two important JTE updates for councils to be aware of:

Monthly Reporting Requirements
The JTE district dashboard went live on Feb. 8 and is displaying scores for the past two years. Many of the numbers are coming from the BSA system, but others must be self-reported. In order for the dashboard to have the most impact, councils are encouraged to develop a system for collecting and reporting the needed data each month. This reporting is done through new tools that are part of the MyScouting toolkit.

The five criteria requiring monthly reporting are:

  • District Fundraising Performance
  • District Fundraising Manpower
  • Chartered Organization Visits
  • Unit Performance
  • District Committee

Two other district criteria (Market Share and Opportunity to Join) require that total available youth numbers for each district be reported on an annual basis. While council-level figures come directly from ScoutNET, the district values will come from the MyScouting Tools. Many districts reported values last year, but these should be updated for 2014.

Instructions for reporting and updating these data can be found in the District Tools section at http://www.scouting.org/JTE.aspx.
District JTE Data Tool User Guide
District Total Available Youth User Guide

Strategic Plan Requirement
To achieve the JTE silver or gold level in the Council Leadership criterion, councils must have a board-approved strategic plan with plan reports reviewed quarterly for progress. This means that in the first quarter, which ends March 31, councils will have had to review their strategic plan. The same must be done in the second, third, and fourth quarters. Without doing this, the council will not be able to achieve the silver or gold level in 2014.


4 Responses to JTE News: District Dashboard Monthly Reporting; Council Leadership Criterion Deadline

  1. Luke McNeese says:

    Will the Camping dials be updated on a monthly basis if the camping numbers are updated in the camp manager tool kit in my.scouting.org?

  2. hgilson says:

    It was there, but now appears to be gone

  3. John Padgett says:

    I spent several hours updating the new dashboard today only to find out that on March 6 (The day of my district Committee Meeting)I can’t produce a February Journey to Excellence Dashboard.

    I sent a “incident” to the National Support Center. Their reply was that they only “push” the membership data to the JTE Dashboard monthly on the 8th of each month. This will always be after the District Committee Meeting for probably every district in the Nation.

    Why didn’t someone think to connect the dashboard to ScoutNET to get up to the minute statistics.

    I can’t go around giving my volunteers 5 week old data.

    Guess I’ll keep updating the JTE Excel worksheet till this gets fixed.

    • John –

      While a real-time JtE dashboard would be “nice” not sure it is imperative.

      Those of us who have been using JtE for any extended period of time, know that the dashboard is updated on the 8th of the month (or thereabouts with weekends) and around the 23rd.

      I suggest you click the “print” button in the upper left hand corner (the one that looks somewhat like a printer) and send the PDF out via email on the 9th of each month. May not be “in time” for the District Committee meeting, but at least everyone will have the info immediately thereafter.

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