Program Updates: What’s Changing? What Isn’t?

There has been a lot of “buzz” recently about upcoming program changes, particularly to the Cub Scout program. In this episode of The Buzz, tune in to hear Russ Hunsaker, chairman of the Program Innovation Task Force, discuss what is—and what is NOT—changing across our program offerings. For the past few years, Russ has led a group of more than 75 volunteers from across the country who have left no stone unturned in their quest to make BSA programs more fun and more active for boys and simpler for leaders to deliver.


To learn more about the updates coming to Cub Scouting, attend one of these four sessions at the Philmont Training Center this summer:

  • Week 3: June 22–28
  • Week 7: July 20–26
  • Week 8: July 27–August 2
  • Week 10: August 10–16

For all the latest information on the program updates for 2014 and beyond, visit

4 Responses to Program Updates: What’s Changing? What Isn’t?

  1. Dan says:

    I think the most common question I have had is about belt loops going away. It has been published that the Academics and Sports Program is being retired, however the mention of belt loops as a recognition item has been absent. Kids like the beltloops. So, I think folks (myself included) are just curious if they are being used as a new type of immediate recognition. Thanks.

  2. Jessica Hankins says:

    When will training materials be published to prepare council and district training committees on the new changes?

  3. Jason Derscheid says:

    I saw they are getting rid of the sports and academics belt loop/pin program. I have heard they may be still used as recognitions but rolled into the actual handbooks instead of a seperate program. Any conclusive answers?

  4. Kevin D Harner says:

    I have some answers:
    The training is not really changing….check the online training section. The big difference for classroom type training tiger thru bear are together and web are separate.

    Yes the belt loop program is being incorporated into the larger program

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