Register Now for the All Markets Strategy Summit – May 20

Perhaps the most critical factor to Scouting’s future success is the ability to engage underserved segments of the U.S. population. In each community, there are youth from many cultures not currently served by Scouting. We must change that.

Families—all families—need Scouting more than ever before. For more than 100 years, Scouting has been a symbol of adventure, excitement, and achievement. Scouting provides unique experiences that prepare the next generation of young people for a lifetime of opportunity. Every young person deserves those experiences. Yet there are many who simply do not have access to a unit or have never been asked to join.

Help turn that around! Attend the All Markets Strategy Summit on Tuesday, May 20, in Nashville, Tennessee. Held just prior to the National Annual Meeting, the AMS Summit will focus on sharing best-of-the-best practices and strategies to serve all markets in every community.

With a specific emphasis on attracting Hispanic, Asian, and African American families to the Cub Scout program, participants will hear from volunteers and professionals who have successfully served all markets in their communities. You will leave with tactical information and materials to develop your council’s all-markets strategy plan.

To register for the AMS Summit, please visit All staff and volunteers are encouraged to attend.

Although the AMS Summit will be held in conjunction with the National Annual Meeting, it is a separate event. You need not attend the annual meeting to attend this summit. Gather your key staff and volunteers and drive in for the day!

Undoubtedly, your council will benefit by executing an all-markets approach. As such, your participation in this year’s AMS Summit is critical.

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