Polaris Signs 10-Year Agreement With BSA to Provide ATVs, Safety Gear

Polaris Industries Inc., the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles, has entered into a 10-year exclusive partnership with the BSA to provide all-terrain vehicles, side-by-sides, and safety equipment to select council camps across the country.

As part of this arrangement, Polaris will take over the existing pilot program that was launched in 2012 with Honda. In addition to the vehicles, Polaris also will provide all of the required safety equipment to participating councils.

The partnership promotes youth off-road safety practices, environmental respect, and the benefits of outdoor activities.

In the past, Polaris has donated ORVs and safety gear to the Northern Star Council’s Tomahawk Scout Reservation and the Northern Lights Council’s Camp Wilderness. The pilot programs at these camps were very popular, with more than 900 Boy Scouts learning basic riding and maintenance while earning safety patches.

“As we work to keep our programs relevant to the youth of today and tomorrow, we are grateful for this opportunity to work closely with Polaris.  We are excited that in the coming years, with the help of Polaris, we will be able to teach youth safe and responsible practices for the use of off-road vehicles,” said Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock.

How can my council benefit from this partnership?
If your council has been approved to conduct an ATV program for 2014 and you would like to take advantage of exclusive Polaris pricing on ATVs and UTVs, please contact BSA Supply Customer Service. Ordering will take place through Supply but delivery will be fulfilled through a local Polaris distributor.

How do I apply to the grant program?
For councils to apply for the ATV grant program in 2015 and beyond, they will need to contact Ron Timmons in Regional Operations.


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  1. Leah Overson says:

    It must be popular indeed! Good for Polaris too–as the Scouts grow up to have families of their own.

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