Finance Impact e-Letter: May 1 Issue Highlights Termination of Legacy GL Database

The May 1 edition of the Finance Impact Department’s e-Letter has been published and is now available online.
This issue of the e-Letter includes a reminder that access to the Legacy GL database will terminate June 1, 2014. This database remained accessible to local council employees after the conversion to PeopleSoft Financial allowing them to produce reports to complete their 2013 audited financial statements. Councils are advised to run and save reports prior to June 1.

Also in this issue: a reminder that Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) will be contacting Eagle Scouts to gather information for NESA’s 2015 Eagle Scouts Directory; PeopleSoft resources available on the Finance Impact website; an announcement of the PeopleSoft training database, where local council employees can get hands-on training without the fear of modifying current data; the BSA asset management update for March 2014; and the list of Blackbaud Constituent Relationship Management (BBCRM) webinars.

To read the entire issue, click the link above or the image at left. Previous issues of the newsletter are available by following the links under the BSA Newsletters header at right.

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