The Adventures of the Muddy Lions: A Unique Approach to Developing New Units

Everyone loves a good story, and Scouting has plenty of good stories to tell. A new movie, Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions, tells the story of the positive impact of living by a code such as the Scout Oath and Scout Law. A campaign is now in development to help local councils use this movie to start conversations with churches about organizing a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop as part of their ministry to youth. The National Council is also working to secure national partnerships and endorsements for the movie that will enhance awareness of this new unit campaign.

Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions follows Tristan, a naïve adolescent boy coping with life in the inner city. Tristan’s mother enrolls him in the Boy Scouts in an effort to keep him off the streets. When he witnesses a homicide, the local thug demands his silence. Tristan learns, with the help of his new Scout friends, that doing the right thing isn’t always easy.

The movie was written and directed by Praheme Praphet and produced by Tim Reid. You can see a preview of the movie at (password: Troop***491).

Campaign materials will be available for order in late 2014 in time to launch a new unit campaign in early 2015. If you’re interested in participating in this effort, please send an email to

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  1. Troop 491 is in the Capitol District, Heart of VA Council. I serve the district as a professional.
    We have worked with Praheme to promote the film locally and certainly wish to be a part of a nationally supported new unit effort. Please keep us informed. It is an exceptional piece for urban scouting efforts, yet contains a positive, universal message for all youth in any locale.

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