Congratulations to DOB Honor Graduates

Scouting U and the Westlake Campus are proud of all of our commissioned executives who have completed District Operations Basic (DOB).

As part of this new course, students who excel in all aspects of becoming commissioned have the opportunity to graduate with honors. We congratulate the following executives for having achieved this distinction.

Class #1405 — June 1-7, 2014
Amy Borntrager, Appleton, Wisconsin
Minh-Tri Le, Long Beach, California
Amanda Smith, Belleville, Illinois
Neal Stapleton, Shreveport, Louisiana
Bryan Thompson, Portland, Oregon

2 Responses to Congratulations to DOB Honor Graduates

  1. sherry says:

    Congrats!!!!! Tri

    You are so awesome!!!

  2. Rick Adams says:

    Congratulations to our Top 5!! It was an honor to graduate with them!!

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