Announcing 2014 Boys’ Life Mini-Mag

The 2014 Boys’ Life mini-mags will arrive at council offices around July 21, 2014. Quantities per council will be approximately the same as last year. The 51/2-by-71/2-inch mini-mag is a miniature edition of Boys’ Life magazine. Editorial content will be reprinted columns and articles from recent Cub Scout editions of Boys’ Life.

There is no cost to councils for the mini-mags provided annually by Boys’ Life. The purpose of the mini-mag is to aid unit-serving executives and volunteer leaders with the acquisition of new Boys’ Life subscriptions.

Mini-Mag Instructions
1. Get mini-mags into the hands of your unit membership chairs for distribution at Scout nights, boy talks, craft fairs, field days, or other community events.
2. Offer a mini-mag or two to current Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, encouraging them to share it with non-Scouting friends.
3. Use in addition to your recruitment fliers for a stronger marketing effort.
4. Keep a cache of mini-mags in the council office and with each district and unit membership chair or district executive to use in recruiting throughout the year.
5. Need more mini-mags? We have plenty!

Want some fresh recruiting ideas? Check out

4 Responses to Announcing 2014 Boys’ Life Mini-Mag

  1. Craig DePuy says:

    Can we please get 200 more mini mags?
    Thank you,
    Craig DePuy
    Director of Field Service
    Old Hickory Council

  2. Leah Overson says:

    Thanks for a great magazine. I’ve been reading a book, “The Big Year” about people who go out of their way to find interesting birds to look at and even try to set a record for the number of species seen in a 12 month period in North America. I saw the movie (same name) and liked it, so when the book was on display at the library I picked it up. There’s a great explanation on page 114 of El Nino weather. Boy Scouts are mentioned enthusiastically in the first couple of chapters. I’d like to know if there are council offices that have bird baths or bird feeders on their premises? It would be pretty cool, but maybe dangerous to have a weather station on the roof and fruit trees espaliered along fences . . . Scouts have the most fun ever : -) Your magazine contributes to that great spirit of adventure, creativity and learning. Thanks!

  3. Lou Leopold says:

    I include these in my pack’s package that we give out at our recruiting events. I routinely “raid” my council’s recruiting materials which includes these mini-mags going back to 2011. The families love these when they stop at our booth. They definitely work for us.

    BTW: In case one is interested, here is what is in the package (besides the mini-mag). All of these (except for the pack-specific information):
    * Cub Scout Parent Information Guide
    * Pack 3808 Quick Reference Sheet that contains the pack information (when and where we meet, contact information, unit dues, etc.) from the last page of the information guide.
    * Family Talent Survey Sheet
    * Youth Application
    * Adult Volunteer Application
    * Scout Uniform Checklist
    * Scout Store Flyer (contains directions and services offered)
    * Cub Scout Inspection Sheet
    * Deciding How to Serve (I can’t remember where I got this)
    * Cub Scout Leader Training Steps
    * BSA Training Umbrella

  4. Lou Leopold says:

    “All of these (except for the pack-specific information)” should actually read, “All of these (except for the pack-specific information) are available from the council office or the web site”

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