Commissioner Tools Undergo Final Testing Before Fall Launch

Earlier this year, we announced the development of Commissioner Tools, a set of resources within MyScouting that will replace the Unit Visit Tracking System.

The following 16 councils are currently testing these Commissioner Tools, with the assistance of 67 individual testers who have a broad range of experience and computer skills:

  • Atlanta Area Council
  • Capitol Area Council
  • Chester County Council
  • Cradle of Liberty Council
  • Crossroads of America Council
  • Garden State Council
  • Great Salt Lake Council
  • Greater Niagara Frontier Council
  • Los Padres Council
  • Mason-Dixon Council
  • National Capital Area Council
  • New Birth of Freedom Council
  • Southeast Louisiana Council
  • Stonewall Jackson Area Council
  • Theodore Roosevelt Council
  • Western Los Angeles County Council

As you prepare your council to adopt Commissioner Tools, please take time to review the FAQs and Pre-Adoption Checklist. Additional information, including a training PowerPoint, can be found at

If you have additional questions or comments about the Commissioner Tools, please contact

One Response to Commissioner Tools Undergo Final Testing Before Fall Launch

  1. Mike says:

    It is going to take a serious amount of work to get most commissioners to even consider using these systems thanks to the damage caused by UVTS.
    I am not aware of any commissioner who actually uses it – and now, nobody wants to use it. We all use spreadsheets and local systems to track our visits.
    Hopefully these tools will actually help the commissioners to work more effectively :)

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