Recognize Deserving Volunteers With the Silver Buffalo

It is time to nominate deserving volunteers for the 2015 Silver Buffalo Award.

The deadline to submit nominations is Aug. 31. Only electronic nominations will be accepted, using the Silver Buffalo nomination form. Complete and submit this fillable PDF before the deadline to

When submitting the nomination form, please include as much correct and relevant information about the nominee as possible. Be sure the nominee’s name is spelled correctly, and highlight all contributions to youth inside and outside of Scouting. Additional endorsement letters from specific areas may be included, provided they feature detailed explanations of the nominee’s contributions and are not just letters generally saying how great the nominee is.

When a nomination is submitted for consideration, it is kept for two additional years if the nominee is not selected. After three considerations, the nomination is retired unless a new nomination form has been submitted.

Questions related to the Silver Buffalo nomination process can be addressed to Velma Cooks, Rhonda DeVaney, or Chuck Ezell.

2 Responses to Recognize Deserving Volunteers With the Silver Buffalo

  1. rocio centeno says:

    What is the difference between the silver buffalo and the silver beaver?

    • BSA Internal Communications says:


      The difference is the level at which they’re awarded. The Silver Beaver is given to those “who have provided distinguished service within a council,” while the Silver Buffalo is awarded to those at the national level. There is a third such award, the Silver Antelope, that is given to those at the regional level. You can learn more about all of the BSA’s various awards here:


      John Churchill
      BSA National Communications Team

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