Are Boys in Your Council ‘Hooked on Scouting?’ They Should Be!

Are you hooked on Scouting? Well, you can be. Councils are using the “Hooked on Scouting” program to reel in Cub Scout-age boys who love fishing or who want to learn.

The program can help turn Scouting into a family affair and provide a great fishing experience for young boys joining Cub Scouting. Boys who join can receive a free rod and reel and a free tackle pack.

Unit events can be adapted to the “Build an Adventure” recruiting campaign. New resources for “Hooked on Scouting” are now available online in the Marketing Toolbox.

3 Responses to Are Boys in Your Council ‘Hooked on Scouting?’ They Should Be!


    I am trying to find out the specifics about the hooked on Scouting plan, what needs to happen to actually get the boys reels and tackle boxes, but the videos don’t go that far.

  2. Sean Mobley says:

    Awesome idea. How is it being paid for? How do councils “buy in?” Is this part of a sponsorship/corporate partnership and being enacted for free? Or is this something that the Council writes the check for using the framework of the campaign?

    Thanks for these resources, the videos and fliers are awesome.

  3. Leah Overson says:

    Some of my best memories involve freshly caught fish, fried in butter over a campfire . . .

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