New Features, Updates Added to my.Scouting Tools

We are happy to announce the latest new features and improvements that are available on my.Scouting Tools, including the following:

New! Organization Security Manager Tool

  • Key 3s at each organization level, including council, area, region and national, now have the ability to grant three people Key 3 access (a.k.a. Plus 3).
  • Key 3s have the ability to assign certain functional positions access to the Training Manager tool.  Additional roles will be added as needed and as new tools become available.  Member Manager will now contain only unit related roles applicable to sub units (i.e. Dens, Patrols, Squads, Groups, Crews) available for assignment.

For answers to some frequently asked questions concerning the Security Manager tool, click here.

Training Manager Enhancements:

  • New “Member Training Report” lists individual member’s current, completed training records and any incomplete position-specific trainings.
  • New “District Contact Report” identifies the Key 3s in each unit in the selected district, including contact information and YPT status.
  • New “Training Summary Report” provides dashboard status overview of those who are position trained and not trained, and YPT status at the council, area, region and national organization levels.

Other Enhancements:

  • Key 3s/Plus 3s at the national, region, and area levels have the ability to administer and update member information.  Based on your “natural context” (position), you can drill down from national to council level in each tool, including Training Manager, Organization Manager and Member Manager.

We encourage you to login to to access these new features.  If you’re a Key 3 and can’t access these tools, please ensure that you are properly registered in a Key 3 position.

Your feedback is important, so if you have any questions or concerns, please email

9 Responses to New Features, Updates Added to my.Scouting Tools

  1. Craig Greenberg says:

    Adc and uc need access to the toolkit. They can pull info for the units. Even if is a read only access.

    • John Steward says:

      It’s coming, it’s not ready yet, not out of beta testing. See your district commissioner who interacts with the council commissioner to see when your council scheduled to get on board… I believe not many are in the beta test, hopefully done this year.

  2. David Hammond says:

    ◾Key 3s at each organization level, including council, area, region and national, now have the ability to grant three people Key 3 access (a.k.a. Plus 3). but I do not see the method to add the +3 people.

    and when I try to “click here” for FAQ about the new enhancement, I am unable to get any FAQs.

    Could you please let me know how?

  3. Paul Yelk says:

    There is no clickable link above “Training Management Enhancement”.

    Also, when will these new tools appears? I checked today (Jul 24th) and see no changes. And yes, I’ve cleared my browser’s cache.


    Paul Yelk
    Council Training Registrar
    Inland northwest Council
    Spokane WA
    “Once a Fox, always a Fox”

  4. Connie Knie says:

    Well can’t UCs and ADCs ask the K3 to give them access?

    • Bert Bender says:

      Actually, Unit Commissioners and Committee Members registered in the District can get designated by someone with Key 3 authority. If not designated to a “Key 3 Delegate” (limit of 3), or Training Chair or Youth Protection Champion (limit of 1 each), then to “Training Committee”, which does not appear to have a limit. Which is a good thing. A very good thing. District Key 3 should can designate computer savvy Unit Commissioners, and they can, using the tool, see Training Status, pull BSA IDs to help those who lost them, and where training is completed but needs recording, enter the Training. That is going to be a big help at Recharter for those units with registered leaders who do “live” YPT or who have multiple myscouting accounts that aren’t connected to their BSA ID Number. And it will help the Unit Commissioners help the Unit use the tools. This is excellent. And if anyone is anxious because a Unit Commissioner is not actually “on the training committee”, I will suggest that “COMMITTEE” as used in this tool be deemed an acronym for “Commissioner Or Member Moderately Interested Towards Training Entry Efficiency”! ;^)

  5. Ida Bolen says:

    I agree with Craig Greenberg. A read-only access would be very good for the unit commissioners to be able to use with the units. I have been advising the unit key 3′s but as of yet none of them have even tried. The commissioners could assist the units in getting the training completed and recorded. This would get a better program to the youth.

  6. Bert Bender says:

    This is going to be very helpful to let units sort out their charter information directly, track YPT expiration, enter training immediately as registered leaders take it live, etc. Kudos for the added Training and YPT slots, without using up the “Plus 3″ slots, since those can and should be used a lot. Thanks!

  7. Ron Blaisdell says:

    Craig – UC & ADC access will come with the Commissioners Tools (replacement for UVTS) slated to be launched later this year. For more information:

    And I suggest you join many of us on LinkedIn – “Commissioners of the Boy Scouts of America” group.

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