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2015 BSA Kindred Meeting to be Held Feb. 3 in New Orleans

The BSA is hosting its 2015 Kindred meeting on Tuesday, February 3, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside as part of the American Camp Association National Conference. The BSA Kindred meeting is a gathering of anyone interested in learning more

2017 Jamboree Theme, Logo Invite Members to ‘Live Scouting’s Adventure’

2017 Jamboree Featured

Although it seems like the 2013 National Scout Jamboree just wrapped up, the official theme and logo for the next jamboree—planned for July 19-28, 2017—have been released. The 2017 theme, “Live Scouting’s Adventure,” symbolizes the adventurous spirit and exciting high-adventure

Have Questions About Venturing Program Changes? We Have Answers

With the release of the new program updates, there are lots of questions regarding the Venturing program. Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked queries … Training: There is now training for Crew advisors and the Crew

LFL Newsletter: November Issue Is Out!

The November issue of Learning for Life newsletter has been published and is now available online. In this issue, you can read more about the 2013 Learning for Life Annual Report, preparing for year-end, and information on how to order

NCAP Updates: Annual COPE/Climbing Inspections, Zip Line Regulations Reminders

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The BSA’s National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) require professional challenge course inspections each year. To help reduce the cost of these inspections and to bring consistency to the process, councils in some regions have banded together to contract group inspections by

2015 National Camping School Dates Announced

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The 2015 National Camping School informational brochure is now available online. National Camping School provides adults with training needed to operate council camps. These key staff members will, in turn, train and supervise other staff personnel in your council camping

Scoutmaster Reflects on Contingent’s Northern Tier Experience

Northern Tier’s Ely Trail staff director received the following letter from a Scoutmaster. The letter is a true testimonial to the benefit of having a Northern Tier interpreter and the value of a Northern Tier trek: Good afternoon: I wanted

Venturing Ranger, Leadership Award Updates

Venturing Ranger Award Due to an oversight, the electives for Shooting Sports and Scuba were left out of the new Venturing Awards and Requirements (SKU 618767). These will be added to the e-pub and will be included in the next

Stay Tuned Into BSA’s Program Updates by Attending a 2015 Conference at Philmont Training Center

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The next few years promise to be exciting for Scouting as our traditional programs will be updated based on several years of volunteer-led research and development. These changes are part of the BSA’s current strategic plan that emphasizes the need

New Report Takes a Look at School Access Challenges

Access to schools takes many forms. It may be the ability to send home a message with boys who are prospective Cub Scouts. It may be the opportunity to present a “boy talk” to prospective Cub Scouts. It may be